To Halloween or Not to Halloween? That is the question!

To Halloween or Not to Halloween? That is the question!

Halloween has always been up there with one of my favorite holidays. I love the decor both spooky and elegant, I love the temperature outside as it happens to be one of the holidays where its not too hot and not to cold, and I love the sound of children’s laughter as they run along the streets in their choice of costume for the year. Fast forward past every other Halloween I’ve ever celebrated to 2020. This whole CoVid thing has changed how we do everything currently, even down to trick or treating for the kids. Will this be forever? How will we feel about this moving forward? Some still plan to Trick or Treat this year, some plan on just giving out candy, and some are against it all together. We talked about it for awhile and finally decided to just do some fun here at home with friends instead of hitting the streets. Only time will tell what hoe we will approach these holidays years to come but for now, our goal is to give my kids the very best time I can under the circumstances. I will of course VLOG whatever fun we do have and share it with you over on my YouTube channel as well as post any fun times we have already had that I’ve shared in the past here. I’d love to hear what you are doing this Halloween!

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  • It’s definitely going to be different this Halloween but I am very excited to have a fun get-together instead of our traditional trick or treating!

  • We took our kids trick-or-treating. Only a few houses had stuff. There were some candy chutes that people engineered to deliver candy in a no-contact, safe distance. Masks were worn (not just the costume kind). We stayed close to our own neighborhood instead of going to others like we usually do. Had interactions with neighbors that I usually don’t. Found out one of my daughter’s preschool classmates lives around the corner and down the block. It was an interesting night and overall good.

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